Untapped is seeking male and female tap dancers ages 18 and older to join our professional tap dance company. Male dancers and dancers of color are strongly encouraged to submit. Untapped company members perform statewide for events, fundraisers, and our own annual productions and events. Our company members are also involved in our nonprofit work in the state, teaching workshops in schools, community centers, other nonprofit programs, and more. Dancers must be trained at an advanced level of any style of tap dance. Teaching experience is also recommended. Weekly rehearsals for shows and performances are currently held at Shuffles & Ballet II in Little Rock, and in some cases, dancers from outside of Little Rock may participate in rehearsals via video chat. All performances, rehearsals, and workshops taught are paid. 

Untapped will be accepting video auditions beginning July 15th. To be considered, submit your video along with a headshot, resume or bio, and completed audition form to Deadline to submit is August 11th. Dancers receiving a live callback will be notified within one week of submission deadline. 




Please make two separate videos.



  • Paddle & Roll (Paradiddle)- 

            1. Execute 7 single paddle & rolls in a row, stamping on 8, as rapidly as you are able. 

            2. Execute 7 single reverse paddle & rolls in a row, stamping on 8, as rapidly as you are able.

            3. Execute one flying paddle & roll, once with both feet, once on the right foot, and once on the left foot. 

  • Pullbacks-

            1. Execute 4 single pullbacks in a row.

            2. Execute 8 double pullbacks on the right foot. 

            3. Execute 8 double pullbacks on the left foot.

  • Wings-

            1. Execute 4 single wings.

            2. Execute 4 double wings on the right foot.

            3. Execute 4 double wings on the left foot. 

            4. Execute 3 one-footed wings on the right foot.

            5. Execute 3 one-footed wings on the left foot. 

  • Demonstrate any other tricks or techniques you have mastered not listed above. 




Learn and perform the combination demonstrated. Music for the combination is More (2004 Digital Remaster) - by Bobby Darin. For this video, we require your entire body to be visible in the shot. We encourage you to  stylize the choreography and make it your own, as you would in a performance.


Following the required choreography, we ask that you either improvise or create your own choreography for the next 8 bars of music.