Documentary Fundraiser

Hello everyone! As many of you may know, Untapped provides schools and community centers engaging dance workshops using tap shoes derived mostly though donations. Without these free, interactive events, the opportunity to participate in the historical and culturally influential art form of tap dance would be lost to these individuals.

In order to share the incredible art form of tap with others, we are actively fundraising to develop a documentary highlighting the story behind Untapped. The film will also raise awareness about the passionate work we have accomplished in the local community. Our goal is to reach those that do not know our company‚Äôs work yet and expand our base of loyal supporters throughout the community and beyond.  

We are passionately driven to bring our enthusiasm of tap to as many people as possible through more exciting workshops, shows, and collaboration with other local non-profit and performance groups.  Any and all donations are appreciated, as even the smallest amount will help us reach those who have yet to discover their passion for the arts, specifically, tap dance.  If we can reach even one of these people, a life could be forever changed in wonderful ways.  

We thank you in advance for your generosity and we can't wait to further spread our love of tap with the state of Arkansas! 


Go to to view our fundraiser page and enter a donation amount. You will immediately be sent a tax form upon making a donation. 

**Untapped is a certified 501-(c)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.**